Hi, Welcome aboard!!!!! You want to shop for new, colorful and handmade jewelry? Fashion Flair Jewelry will provide you all in one. I am from California. I moved from California to INDIANA and started manufacturing handmade jewelry. I served at Kmart and customers and Coworkers loved my jewelry and bought some from me. Now I made my own business.  And I am starting a handmade jewelry business. 

Handmade jewelry has become very famous in modern years, with special attention and care including every handmade part impressing it with a feeling of uniqueness and quality. Understanding the unique aspects of an excellent handmade jewelry layout can boost you appreciate the beauty and investment that such pieces can describe, and attributes of handmade jewelry designs are among the most distinctive.

Jewelry that is crafted and designed locally by the same crafters who were involved in the layout process ends up concluding in a layout that is unique and important both to the jeweler and the wearer. Artfully designed pieces such as Fashion Flair Jewelry adjustable Sterling Necklace, beautiful rings, bracelets highlight this quality. Designers of Fashion Flair Jewelry use various kinds of metals and gems in their tasks, such as brass, copper, silver, gold; and crystal, quartz, turquoise, coral and amethyst.

Our dealing policy proved to be successful and prosperous, and Fashion Flair Jewelry connected with exceptional customer service. After discovering an intense concern with our jewelry assortment there, Fashion Flair Jewelry decided to expand business with our personalized jewelry collection. All our wonderful jewelry is handmade. Fashion Flair Jewelry provides a beautiful extent of handmade rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces which are excellent for everyday use and we also design the perfect gift for your loved ones.

All gems used in Fashion Flair Jewelry are of outstanding quality, unique and specially handpicked for each particular person. Fashion Flair Jewelry offers a wide range of high-quality handmade jewelry at accessible prices. We cut each gem particularly for each particular item of jewelry and no two pieces are the same. By hand-selecting the gem and contesting it to a design, Fashion Flair Jewelry aims to produce jewelry that will charm its possessors for many years to come. It is an amazing experience for Fashion Flair Jewelry and we admired satisfying lots of new customers and showcasing our jewelry within a prestigious department store.



We perform our best and create one of a kind, modern designer jewelry. Handmade jewelry by Fashion Flair Jewelry and set in real gems and designs will make you beautiful. Items of Fashion Flair Jewelry are not mass-produced and made in limited quantity only.


Our main purpose is to make your particular days even more unique with our handmade jewelry assortment and our customers’ gratification is very significant to us. If you have any questions, inquiries or personal necessities please don’t think twice to contact us. We would love the customers to believe in us.

As part of the Fashion Flair Jewelry service, assure you, we give full Jewelry service which comprises making any vision piece of jewelry that you might have in your mind come credible. As part of our customization procedure, we offer a 100% cashback refund if you are not comfortable with the end outcome, but to this time, this never happened.